African Sword

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Height:5-10 cm
Light requirement:High
Synonyma:Echinodorus humilis, Buchen. (1869)
Sagittaria humilis

Ranalisma humile is a sword-plant, that is widely found all over tropical Africa. The plant is in the nature annual, since it will die after flowering when it has spread its seeds. If kept constantly submerged, it will not flower, and in that way it can last several years. The plant belongs to the family Alismataceae.

The plant is a little plant, that is suited for smaller tanks or as a foreground-plant in bigger ones. The plant has 10-15 cm. long, only about 1 cm. broad leaves, that are bright green and bending downwards towards the tip. The leaves are narrow lancet-shaped or allmost band-shaped, and the stalk is short and gradually widens out to the leaf.

The plant is not difficult to have to thrive, if only its demand for light is fullfilled, and it will grow in all types of water.

The plant can in its submerse form not be distinguished from Echinodorus quadricostatus. The emerse form is however easily distinguished by its small egg-shaped or nearly circular leaves on a stalk.

The plants name: The genus-name Ranalisma is a joining of the Latin word rana (= frog) and the genus-name of the very close related genus Alisma, and refer to, that the plant lives in the same habitats as frogs, the species-name humile means low, dwarf.