Danish name:-
German name:Usteris Wasserkelch
Height:50-80 cm (20-30 inch)
Light requirement:-

This Crypt originates from the Phillipines, where it grows in rivers with calcium-rich water, which makes it very suited for hard water (which is normal in most parts of Denmark).

Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia and Cryptocoryne usteriana have for many years by mistake been considered as one and same species. The two species are distinguished from eachother by, that Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia has purely green leaves, while Cryptocoryne usteriana has more or less red-coloured underside and leaf-stalks.

Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia is kept and multiplied as described in the general description of the genus Cryptocoryne.

The Plants name: The name of the genus Cryptocoryne (from Greek: kryptos = hidden, and koryne = spadix) refer to the spadix, that is hidden in the flower, the species-name usteriana is given in honour to the german botanist A. Usteri (1869-1948).